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  • Sami Prakash

Trans Day of Visibility March 31, 2021

Updated: Jan 6

Sami Prakash shares about the meaning and importance of TDOV!

March 31st is Trans Day of Visibility (TDOV) and we at the MSU Trans-ilience Team wanted to share this blog post as a way to explore the importance of this annual awareness day. Trans Day of Visibility exists to celebrate the achievements of trans and gender diverse people as well as bring awareness to current and ongoing issues impacting trans people, like the ongoing political attacks. Trans Day of Visibility acknowledges that sharing trans experiences has allowed trans folks to learn from those who are vocal and visible especially when their visibility made information accessible. This day allows us to call upon trans predecessors who have fostered incredible movements and revolutions which have protected trans people across the last few decades. Today is about taking time to remember their labor and acknowledge the labor happening now.

Currently, trans people are facing a constant debate of their identities through our national news, it is incredibly hard and devastating to witness. We know that this day is focused on visibility and we want to acknowledge that visibility has historically been accompanied with harassment and violence. Also, sometimes being visibly trans is not a choice and visibility doesn’t systemically change anti-trans oppression. This year has been incredibly difficult for trans folks and acknowledging that is a first step. With the separation that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, not all trans people have been able to exist within safe community spaces. And especially within a climate that is barraged with harmful politics and new legislation dealing with banning gender affirming care for trans youth, sports at schools , and many bills in other states makes it incredibly important to have days where we take time to do more than acknowledging the trans community. Cis people specifically need to take more time to give material support and invest, educate, hire, mentor, recruit, and reach out to trans folks. Hypervisibility without systems of support and care is not safe for trans people. To trans folks, take care of yourselves in any way you choose to acknowledge TDOV, whether this means engaging with community or practicing self care. And, anyone who is an advocate or an ally to trans folks, we ask that when celebrating to keep in mind that trans folks are holding radical vulnerability in their visibility and that you take the time to educate yourself.

MSU Trans-ilience Team

Resources for Trans Students

TDOV Events

TDOV History

Rachel Crandall (TDOV Founder)

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