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Student Accomplishments 

Students in the lab are able to get involved in a variety of projects and often present their research at conferences and out in the community. Here are just a few of the accomplishments from students on our team! 

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Poster presentations by student research assistants at showcases and forums.

Megan & Belle with Poster.png

Data Integrity & Online Data Collection with Transgender Communities

Presented by Megan Wertz & Belle Hoke at the 2022 University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum

Megan & Terra with poster.PNG

Mental Health Services for Transgender Clients: Responding to Sociopolitical Events and Helpful/Unhelpful Experiences

Terra Dunn & Megan Wertz won 3rd Place for their poster at the 5th Annual University-Wide Diversity Research Showcase (2022)

Terra, Megan, Taylor.png

Reasons for Substance Use in Transgender Individuals

Terra Dunn, Megan Wertz, and Taylor Anderson won 3rd Place for their poster presentation at the Diversity Research Showcase (2021)

Ash poster.PNG

What Does It Mean to be a Woman or a Man? Examination of Social Construction of Gender

Ash Boss, Taylor Anderson, & Bella Andrus received a 1st Place award for their poster at MSU's Undergraduate Research Arts Forum (2019)

Terra, Nina.PNG

Correlates of Prejudice Towards Transgender and Gender Diverse Individuals

Terra Dunn & Nina Brown received a 1st Place award for their poster at MSU's Undergraduate Research Arts Forum (2019)

Student Milestones


Master's Thesis:

"The Impact of Multiple Forms of Discrimination on Mental Health in Transgender and Gender Diverse People"

Kalei Glozier (2022)


Master's Thesis:

"Contextual Support, Resilience, Allostatic Load, and Mental Health in Transgender and Gender Diverse People"

Devon Kimball (2022)


Development and Validation of Novel Measures of Minority Stress Experiences for Transgender and Nonbinary People

Devon Kimball presented the team's work on the development and validation of our measure of minority stress specific to experiences of TNB people as a part of a symposium at the National Multicultural Conference and Summit in Santa Fe, New Mexico. (2024)

Transgender clients’ experiences in therapy: Responses to sociopolitical events and helpful and unhelpful experiences

Kalei Glozier presented the team's research on TGD people's therapy experiences at  "Preaching to the Choir: An International LGBTQ+ Psychology & Related Social Sciences Conference" hosted by SOGII (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Issues), a section of the Canadian Psychological Association in Toronto, Canada on June 22nd, 2023. 

What Does It Mean to be a Woman or a Man? Examination of the Social Construction of Gender

Ash Boss presented their work on how cisgender people define gender categories at MSU's Center for Gender in Global Contexts conference (2019).

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Professional Achievements

Trans-ilience team member Lydia Schultz passed the EPPP Licensure Exam in order to earn a Limited Master's Licensed Psychologist (LMLP) License in 2024. Congratulations Lydia!

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