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Our research broadly focuses on minority stress and resilience in transgender and gender diverse communities. We examine questions related to this area using a variety of methods and approaches, including qualitative work exploring unique minority stressors in transgender communities, as well as quantitative work exploring how minority stress and resilience relate to health outcomes. 

We have a variety of on-going research studies and collaborations described below. For more information about our community-engaged approach or our overall research philosophy, see here.

Research Studies

Here are our current and past research studies. Click on each for more details about who is leading the study, the current state of the project, and key information about the methods and findings. 

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Current Research Studies

Click here to learn more about our ongoing research studies! 


Past Research Studies

Here you can learn more about our completed research studies and findings from these projects. 


Our group is interested in collaborating with community organizations and with other trans-affirming researchers. If you are interested in learning about our partnerships or joining our work, please reach out to Dr. Jae Puckett at

Dr. Zachary DuBois

University of Oregon

We frequently collaborate​ with Dr. Zachary DuBois, a biocultural anthropologist at the University of Oregon. Our joint projects have focused on: prejudice towards transgender and gender diverse people; developing measures of minority stress for transgender and gender diverse people; and a study of how sociopolitical context relates to health for transgender communities. 


Trans Collaborations 

Projects with Trans Collaborations have focused on developing and validating affirming mental health practices with transgender and gender diverse clients.  

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Check out our publications page to learn more about the papers that have come from our research! 

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