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Presentations and Trainings

The Trans-ilience Lab offers educational presentations to groups interested in learning more about the experiences of transgender and gender diverse people. Presentations can be offered in-person in the Lansing area or virtually throughout the country. When there are many requests, we prioritize presentations for our local community but welcome requests from other areas as well. Anyone interested in these programs should review the presentation options to choose what option best fits your organization's needs and then fill out the Google Form at the bottom of this page. If you are interested in a tailored presentation on a different topic, we can discuss costs of creating something for your audience. We provide the presentations below on a sliding scale, with the funds raised used to cover the cost of legal name and gender marker changes for transgender and gender diverse people in the Lansing, MI area. Every month, we will provide some trainings free of charge as well. Our goal is to make this information accessible and to use any funds to directly benefit the community. Availability for presentations may vary depending on demand. Looking for something else more in-depth? Trans-ilience director Jae Puckett also offers presentations and trainings. 


Basic Terminology & Pronouns

In this program, facilitators will begin by reviewing basic gender-related terms, such as gender, sex assigned at birth, transgender, and cisgender. Then the facilitators will lead a discussion on what pronouns are, why they matter, and how to be an ally who supports respectful pronoun usage.

Gender Terminology Deep Dive

Not sure what terms like genderqueer, agender, or bigender mean? Wondering what gender-affirming care really means? Want to learn more about these gender-related terms and other similar terms? This program is intended for an audience with basic knowledge of transgender identities who want a more in-depth understanding.

Thinking Man

Minority Stress & Transgender People

In this presentation, we provide an overview of what minority stress is and how these experiences negatively impact transgender and gender diverse communities. This includes discussion of the role of prejudice in creating a hostile environment for transgender people.


Myths in the Media

In this program, participants will discuss media representations of transgender and gender diverse people and the impact of those representations. This discussion-based program will include an opportunity to reflect on participants' own experiences with media as well as to practice media analysis skills and envision what healthy, equitable representation would look like.


Transgender Allyship 101

Wondering how to be an ally to transgender friends and family? Have questions about best ways to advocate for trans and gender diverse people? Contact us below to discuss basic principles of allyship and how to best apply those principles in professional and personal contexts.


Transgender Inclusion in Athletics

There is a lot of public discussion of transgender athletes. In this program, facilitators will discuss what the research really shows about how to provide an inclusive and fair athletic environment that supports transgender and gender diverse athletes alongside their cisgender peers.

Friendly Young Doctor

Basics of Trans-Inclusive Healthcare Practices

Transgender and gender diverse people experience many hardships in accessing affirming and competent healthcare. This presentation covers practical steps that you can take to make your healthcare services more affirming and inclusive for transgender and gender diverse people. We'll cover some basics such as how to create trans-inclusive intake forms, evaluating your record keeping system, and addressing microaggressions, as well as many other topics. 


If you're interested in one of the presentations above, please complete this form. This will help us learn a little about your group's needs and whether we are a good fit for your request.

If you are interested in a more tailored presentation or another topic, you are welcome to reach out to discuss costs of developing a specific presentation for your group. 

Please note that we may not be able to accommodate all requests depending on demand at the time. 

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