Our team has made a variety of infographics and visuals to summarize research, educate others on important topics, and provide resources to the community. See below for more information! 

Research Summaries

Addressing Barriers to Healthcare for Transgender and Gender Diverse People

Dr. Puckett describes some of the key findings in their study on barriers to healthcare for transgender and gender diverse people and the implications for making improvements! 

Doctor's Appointment

Decentering as a Way to Decrease the Impact of Internalized Stigma

Terra Dunn shares findings from a study in which decentering was shown to reduce the impact of internalized homophobia on mental health. 

Closed Eyes

Suggestions for Improving Healthcare for Transgender Individuals

Rowan Giffel shares some key takeaways from our study on how to improve healthcare services for transgender clients. 

Doctor's Desk

Life in Michigan as a Transgender Person 

Ash Boss details findings from a study with transgender people living in Michigan. Learn about key issues impacting local communities.

Reading Map

Discrimination in Accessing Public Restrooms and Implications

The Trans-ilience Team describes some of the negative correlates of being discriminated against in accessing public restrooms. 

Building Facade

Social Support and Mental Health in Transgender Individuals

Maryam Razzaq presents on the importance of social support for reducing psychological distress in the transgender community. 

Pride Parade

Coping with Discrimination: What's Helpful? 

Maryam Razzaq provides an overview of ways of coping with discrimination and some of our research findings on this topic.

Colorful Threads

Educational and "How to" Resources

Creating Affirming and Inclusive Psychology Graduate Programs

This infographic details some key steps that psychology graduate programs can take to become more inclusive spaces for non-binary graduate students! 


Updating a Michigan Birth Certificate

Megan Wertz, Terra Dunn, and Felix Brown give brief instructions for updating a birth certificate in the state of Michigan. 

Paper Fold

How to Change Your Name at Michigan State University

Terra Dunn describes the process for updating your name on file at Michigan State University and how to use the "preferred name" feature.

Empty Chairs in Lecture Room

Updating Your Legal Name in Michigan
(infographic style)

Terra Dunn provides instructions for changing your legal name in the state of Michigan. 


Updating Your Name and Gender Marker on Passports

Megan Wertz, Terra Dunn, and Felix Brown summarize some of the steps for updating this information on passports. 

Notebook and Pencil

Updating a Gender Marker on Your Michigan ID

Felix Brown provides brief instructions and links for updating a gender marker on a MI identification card or license.

Business Card

Updating Your Legal Name in Michigan
(Instagram Post)

Terra Dunn provides instructions for changing your legal name in the state of Michigan. 


Legal Name Changes to Promote Transgender Health 

Terra Dunn, Megan Wertz, Rowan Giffel, and Jae Puckett summarize the research on the benefits of having a legal name change for transgender people. 

Colorful Notebooks