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Resilience Postcard Project

Check out our research collaboration below for information on the trans resilience postcard project! We developed this resource from a research study about resilience for transgender and gender diverse people. 

What does resilience mean to you? How do you experience it in your life?

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As described on our collaborative project website, we conducted interviews with many study participants about how they described and experienced resilience. Participants shared many meaningful stories about how they defined, thought about, experienced, and lived their resilience as transgender and gender diverse people. We partnered with a queer visual artist, Zeph Fishlyn who through their artistic skills and expertise, visually translated a few of the metaphors participants used to describe their resilience into images via postcards. We are sending small packets of the postcards to individuals who would like them. Please see the collaborative project page for more details on the project, artist, and to request a set of the postcards:

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