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Here are a few resources that may be useful for community organizations, trans individuals, or therapists and medical providers. 

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General Resources

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This is an interactive website for learning how to use various pronouns.

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Salus Center

The Salus Center in Lansing, MI is a community center offering social and support groups.

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Here you can see the works of Transilient's traveling multi-media project that showcases trans and gender non-conforming people in their day-to-day lives.

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The Green Bandana Project

This project sends bandanas and instructions for outreach to friends and family as a way to provide hope for trans and gender diverse people who are thinking about ending their lives.

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US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights 

Information on equal access to education for LGBTQI+ students, including resources and how to file a complaint. 

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Transgender Law Center

Legal, policy, and advocacy resources for transgender and gender-nonconforming people. TLC centers racial justice and trans liberation.

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Trans Affirming Training and Consulting

TTAC offers professional trainings from a trans-centered perspective from basic to more advanced courses.

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The Trevor Project

TrevorSpace is an online, international community for LGBTQ people ages 13-24.

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Movement Advancement Project

These maps allow you to see policies protective of and harmful to LGBTQ+ rights by state.

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Trans Student Educational Resources (TSER)

Find resources and support for creating change in schools. This group also trains educators and publishes materials about trans education.

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National Sexual Violence Resource Center

Resources and support for transgender survivors of sexual violence. Crisis lines, trans organizations, LGBT organizations, websites, guides, media, and education.

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Ruth Ellis Center

Trauma-informed services for LGBTQ+ youth and young adults, especially for youth of color and youth experiencing barriers such as homelessness.

TLDEF's Trans Health Project.png

Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund

TLDEF provides links to multiple lists and databases that allow you to skim or search for trans-friendly healthcare providers.

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Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition

Find stories from trans people about their lives here.

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Advocates for Trans Equality

This is an advocacy group working to increase understanding and acceptance of trans people. They also help with finding legal services, support groups, and other resources.


American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

A guide for transgender and gender nonconforming students to understand your rights at school to be yourself and to be safe.

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Resources for building strength and resilience in the transgender community for both individuals and service providers. 


Trans Youth Justice Project

Leadership development and political education program for trans youth aged 16-22, grounded in gender and racial justice

Resources Related to Michigan

MI report.PNG

US Trans Survey

Our team made this infographic describing the findings from the US Trans Survey for MI participants.

parker list.PNG

Parker Curtis & Mercuri Rose

This is a resource list of supports, medical providers, and other helpful information related to MI (some suggestions are beyond MI).


msu name.PNG


Here you can find information about how to update your name at MSU.



Team member Rowan Giffel created this searchable, interactive map of community resources across MI!


Transgender Michigan

Transgender Michigan's (TGMI) primary mission is to provide advocacy, support and education while serving to create coalitions in the state of Michigan to unify and empower transgender communities.

Gender marker.PNG


Our team put together an infographic describing how to update your gender marker on a state ID card.


Queering Medicine

Queering Medicine is a grassroots coalition that follows the tradition of queers taking their health into their own hands by seeking sustainable healthcare system changes.

Mental Health Providers

Resources for Mental Health Providers

Div 44.PNG

American Psychological Association

The Division has several resources to enhance your clinical work with LGBTQ+ people.

Asylum Work P 1.PNG

American Psychological Association

Part 2 of a webinar series about clinical work with LGBTQ+ asylum seekers.


Association for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies

Check this org out for other professional resources related to clinical practice and research.

Asylum work P 2.PNG

American Psychological Association

Part 1 of a webinar series about clinical work with LGBTQ+ asylum seekers.

Other Providers

Resources for Other Medical Providers



This site includes an array of resources for providers and patients, including healthcare protocols. 



This site includes resources for healthcare professionals related to HIV's impact on transgender communities.

Trans line.PNG

Trans Line

This organization provides a consultation service related to trans affirming care. 


Gay and Lesbian Medical Association

Resources from the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association related to transgender healthcare. 

Parents and Families

Resources for Parents and Families

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Parent Support Program

Educational materials and support for parents of trans youth

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University of South Dakota

Read about the importance of trans acceptance, what trans acceptance looks like, and implications for a trans-inclusive society.


For Researchers

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National Center for Transgender Equality

Here, you can find data from the national transgender surveys from 2015 and 2022 about transgender people's lives and needs.

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GLBT Alliance in Social and Personality Psychology

Here, you can search for more measures designed for LGBTQ+ populations.

Image by Christian Wiediger


A database of measures for use in research on the experiences of transgender and gender diverse people. 


Centre for Gender & Sexual Health Equity

A toolkit for addressing the erasure of gender and sexuality minorities in research to produce more accurate findings

Awards and Grants List.png

ABCT Sexual and Gender Minority SIG

This is a list of awards and grants for sexual and gender minority research in the psychology field.


Trans Youth Justice Project

Research on a program for trans youth on political education and leadership development, using principles of social justice youth development. 

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PRIDE Healing Center

Find measures relating to gender and sexual identities for clinical and research practice.

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Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies

Read about advocacy in psychological research here!

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