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Who We Are & What We Do

We are a group of faculty, students, volunteers, and community members who are trans or cis allies dedicated to doing research that matters and makes a difference in the lives of trans people. 

Community Involvement

We are a community-engaged research team focused on studying stress and resilience in transgender and gender diverse individuals. We integrate community members into our work via a community board that helps to shape our research and what we do with the findings from our work. We believe that transgender and gender diverse people should be included throughout the full process of research to make sure this work is affirming and that it actually addresses the issues important to the community. We also are committed to disseminating our research beyond the ivory tower of academia and doing research that can be useful in advocacy efforts. 

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Research Areas

Our research team's primary focus is on stress and resilience in transgender and gender diverse individuals. We think it is vital that we not only study the challenges in our communities, but also the unique strengths, resilience, and pathways of resistance to the social oppression and marginalization that transgender and gender diverse people face. We use quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods approaches in our work. We also conduct research with an eye towards how it can be applied to advocacy efforts, as well as to clinical practice to improve mental health services for transgender and gender diverse individuals. We frequently collaborate with other researchers and a more in-depth description of our work, projects, and collaborations can be found here. 


Including trans people in the research process

Doing research that is relevant to pressing social issues

Extending our reach beyond academia

Producing givebacks from our research to directly benefit trans people 

Integrating strengths and resilience into our work

Meet the Team


Trans-ilience Director 


Graduate Student 

MSU Clinical Science

Graduate Student 

MSU Clinical Science 


Graduate Student Research Assistant

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Graduate Student 

Research Assistant

Research Assistant/ Lab Manager


Research Assistant


Research Assistant


Undergraduate Research Assistant


Undergraduate Research Assistant


Undergraduate Research Assistant


Community Board Leader


Board Member


Board Member

Board Member

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