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Trans Inclusive Practice

Transgender and gender diverse (TGD; meaning individuals who identify as trans men, trans women, genderqueer, nonbinary, agender, and other identities outside of cisgender) people experience a lot of hardship finding affirming mental health providers and medical professionals. Research also shows that providers who think of themselves as affirming often do not implement even the most basic steps that would live out a commitment to inclusive practices with TGD clients. This list of recommendations was developed by our research team and community advisory board, in collaboration with trainees that had been supervised by Dr. Puckett in the Sexual and Gender Minority Clinic previously at Michigan State University. We reviewed the literature about affirming healthcare experiences for TGD clients and reflected on our own practices and community input to create this list. We encourage you to explore this list and implement these practices to improve the climate in your setting for transgender and gender diverse clients. Click the PDF to download a copy of this document.

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