We are Trans-ilience: The Transgender Stress & Resilience Research Team 

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What is Trans-ilience? 

We are a community-engaged research team focused on supporting the health and well-being of transgender and gender diverse communities by contributing to positive social change through research and advocacy. 

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Trans-ilience Team Members Megan Wertz, Taylor Anderson, and Terra Dunn were awarded 3rd place at MSU's Diversity Research Showcase

Megan, Taylor, and Terra presented a poster at MSU's 2021 Diversity Research Showcase on findings from a study where we explored alcohol and drug use in transgender individuals and reasons for use. They were awarded 3rd place on their presentation! You can also watch the presentation on our YouTube channel

Trans-ilience director, Dr. Puckett, on how to be an affirming ally to transgender individuals 

Dr. Jae Puckett was interviewed by MSU Today about ways to be an affirming ally to transgender folks. Read the interview here

Dr. Puckett named for City Pulse Inclusion Award

Dr. Jae Puckett was named one of the 2020 City Pulse Inclusion Award recipients!  For more details, see the Lansing Pulse

A new study (co-led by Jae Puckett and Zachary DuBois) about the effects of social and political contexts on health for transgender people has launched! 

A new study on the health effects of social and political stress on trans and gender diverse people has launched! The study focuses on how place and social stigma relate to stress, health, and resilience for transgender adults in several geographic locations, including Michigan, Oregon, Tennessee, Nebraska, and Montreal. This study is led by Drs. Jae A. Puckett (Michigan State University) and L. Zachary DuBois (University of Oregon). Check back for updates! 

Mental Health and Resilience in Transgender Individuals: What type of support makes a difference?

A new publication is out from Jae Puckett and collaborators Emmie Matsuno, Christina Dyar, Brian Mustanski, and Michael Newcomb on social support, resilience, and mental health for trans and gender diverse individuals! Family social support stands out compared to other forms of support, but when trans people have support from family, friends, and a trans community, they have low levels of depression and anxiety, as well as high levels of resilience. Notably, severe depression is over 8 times higher when trans and gender diverse people have low support from family, friends, and a trans community compared to trans people with high support. These findings highlight the importance of supportive resources for trans and gender diverse people. See our infographic created by Trans-ilience's research team member Maryam Razzaq for more findings! 

Dr. Puckett featured in MSU's Pride Month Research Spotlight

Dr. Jae Puckett featured in MSU Today article for Pride Month: 
Research Advances Public Awareness for Transgender Community