Predictors of Prejudice Against Transgender Individuals


This study was led by Dr. Jae Puckett and Cylie Hanson, a former undergraduate student who was completing her honors thesis. Dr. Zachary DuBois also collaborated with us on this study. 

Overall Aims: 

The primary aims of this study were to examine predictors of negative attitudes towards transgender individuals.

What's included in this study?

This was a brief online survey for cisgender people. We asked questions about attitudes towards transgender people, personal contact with transgender people, education about issues that impact transgender communities, and other individual experiences that may shape attitudes or levels of bias in general, such as proneness to aggression and critical consciousness. We also examined the ways in which cisgender people make meaning of gender experiences to understand how they draw boundaries around gender groups via having them define what it meant to be a man or a woman and what traits they associate with masculinity, femininity, and androgyny. 

What's the current state of this study?

The study is complete and we are still in the process of analyzing data from this study and publishing/presenting the findings. 

What are the findings from this study?

We are still analyzing this data, but a few key findings so far: 

  • This paper examined the associations between critical consciousness, social dominance orientation, and prejudice towards transgender people. 

  • We recently finished analyzing data about how cisgender people construct meanings of gender and will be providing a link to these findings once available.