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  • Kye Campbell-Fox

Trans-ilience Director Dr. Jae Puckett Recognized for Research Achievements

2022 was a productive year for MSU’s Trans-ilience Lab and especially for our director, Dr. Jae Puckett. In recognition of their tremendous accomplishments thus far in their career, Dr. Puckett received two noteworthy awards from Divisions 12 and 44 of the American Psychological Association (APA) this past year.

First, in April, the Society of Clinical Psychology bestowed the 2022 David Shakow Early Career Award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions to Clinical Psychology onto Dr. Puckett in recognition of their numerous contributions across multiple areas within the field of clinical psychology, an honor that can only be earned by a psychologist within 7 years of completing their PhD. To read more about this award, check out the Psychology Department’s synopsis here.

Second, in August, Dr. Puckett received an award from the APA’s Society of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity, whose emphasis lies in supporting research, education, and policy advancements on sexual orientation and gender diversity. This division granted Dr. Puckett with the Transgender Research Award to celebrate their ongoing research achievements in the field of minority stress theory and its expansion to include transgender and gender diverse individuals’ experiences. Check out this link to learn more about minority stress and this honor .

We at Trans-ilience congratulate Dr. Puckett on this well-deserved recognition and look forward to supporting their continued advances in the field of clinical psychology and in progressing the research on stress and resilience in transgender and gender diverse populations!

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