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Mental Health and Resilience in Transgender Individuals: What type of support makes a difference?

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

A new publication is out from Jae Puckett and collaborators Em Matsuno, Christina Dyar, Brian Mustanski, and Michael Newcomb on social support, resilience, and mental health for trans and gender diverse individuals!

Family social support stands out compared to other forms of support, but when trans people have support from family, friends, and a trans community, they have low levels of depression and anxiety, as well as high levels of resilience. Notably, severe depression is over 8 times higher when trans and gender diverse people have low support from family, friends, and a trans community compared to trans people with high support. These findings highlight the importance of supportive resources for trans and gender diverse people. See our infographic created by Trans-ilience's research team member Maryam Razzaq for more findings!

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