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Celebrating Trans and Queer Artists

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Hannah Eberhard wanted to dedicate this blog post to celebrating trans art(ists), their contributions and accomplishments.

The MSU Trans-ilience Team wanted to dedicate this blog post to celebrating trans art(ists), their contributions and accomplishments. Art can be defined as any product or activity that’s purpose is to communicate a message or provide an aesthetic. Transgender and queer artists have historically been a small community within the art scene, but with continually rising platforms and spaces, such as the Museum of Transgender Hirstory and Art (MOTHA), the transgender and queergender art scene is expanding rapidly. The goal of MOTHA is to shine light on entire generations of talented artists who have been creating and performing for decades. Celebrating the contributions of numerous trans and queer artists helps make these communities more visible.

Art is also used as a way to express one’s emotions, experiences, and hopes. The Forward Together campaign’s mission is to unite communities to win rights, recognition, and resources for all families, and they believe that art is power and that art can help reimagine the world. Currently, the Forward Together campaign has created a post dedicated to the recent Mother’s Day holiday. The post aims to celebrate motherhood in all forms, not only the traditional ideas that motherhood is typically regarded in.

The Healthline article, written by Gloria Oladipo, shares the idea that art can bring about healing and promote self-care, community and allyship. Today, with TV shows, such as POSE, and movies starring transgender people, both the struggles and accomplishments of being a transgender person have become more visible in the mainstream media. As Gloria Oladipo says in their article, “for many trans people, art is a powerful way to reflect on and share their lived experiences. It’s become a fundamental instrument for building community and proactive self-care in the face of ongoing discrimination” (“How art bring healing to the transgender community”).

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