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Stress & Resilience Measure Development for Trans Communities

Ensuring Research Reflects Our Experiences


This study is co-led by Drs. Jae Puckett, Kaston Anderson-Carpenter, and Heather McCauley at MSU and Dr. Zachary DuBois at the University of Oregon. 

Overall Aims: 

The overall aims of this study are to develop measures based directly on the experiences of transgender and gender diverse people to assess minority stressors and resilience. We are doing this because there are hardly any measures developed with transgender people in mind and most research instead forces transgender people's experiences into models or measures made for cis people. 

What's the current state of this study?

This project began September 2020. We developed 6 novel scales to measure unique forms of minority stress for transgender and gender diverse people. We are now, 2022, in the process of a wide-scale measure validation survey to make sure the measures are psychometrically sound. 

What are the findings from this study?

We are still in the process of conducting this study, but are looking forward to sharing findings as soon as we have them! Please check back with us

What's included in this study?

We are first developing items from data we've gathered in past research. After we develop these potential items, we will conduct cognitive interviews with transgender participants to make sure the items are easy to understand and speak to the unique experiences of transgender individuals. Next we will have a panel of experts in trans health research review them and provide feedback. Finally, the Trans-ilience Community Board will provide feedback on the measures. After this iterative process of revision, we will conduct a large scale survey to evaluate the reliability and validity of the measures. 

Presentations and Publications: 
Coming soon!

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