This study was led by Dr. Jae Puckett and a former community board in Chicago

Overall Aims: 

The primary aims of this study were to evaluate daily stressors that transgender people experience and their association with mental health, substance use, and HIV risk behaviors. This study also evaluated the mechanisms or processes that explain these associations, such as internalized stigma.

What's included in this study?

This study entailed 2 options: 1) a study in which participants responded to daily surveys about their experience for 8 weeks (56 days) and 2) a one-time survey for people who did not qualify for the first option. Each of these options measured unique minority stressors that transgender people experience, mental health, coping, and resilience. The daily study also assessed substance use and sexual risk behaviors. 

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Trans Health Study: Intensive Data Collection to Reflect Daily Experiences of Stress

What's the current state of this study?

The study is complete and we are still in the process of analyzing data from this study and publishing/presenting the findings. 

What are the findings from this study?

We are still analyzing this data, but a few key findings so far: