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Sydryl Eira P. Denila, "Syd" for short: I recently graduated from DePaul University with a degree in Psychology - Community concentration and Double Majored in Women and Gender studies. My identities as a Trans, Queer, Filipino, Immigrant and First-Generation College Student has led me to approach my research with a more intersectional and interdisciplinary point of view. My research interests are in Sense of Belonging, Intersectionality, LGBTQIA+ Immigrant youth empowerment and resilience, and social change. During undergrad I was part of the Ronald McNair Scholars program at DePaul University, where I conducted and presented my research in BIPOC Students Sense of Belonging in Higher Education. During my free time I enjoy learning new things, which has given me the nick-name jack of all trades. I currently learning how to sew and stone costumes, other than that I enjoy listening to podcasts, watching reality tv, building Lego's, and reading. I also enjoy watching and performing drag.

Syd Denila, Graduate Student

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