Transgender Health and Resilience in Con


This study is co-led by Drs. Jae Puckett at MSU and Zachary DuBois at the University of Oregon. We also have site leaders in Nebraska and research teams that have been involved across Nebraska and Tennessee. 

Overall Aims: 

The overall aims of this study are to understand and document how place and sociopolitical context relates to health and resilience for transgender and gender diverse people. 

What's included in this study?

We have gathered data with 158 transgender people across the U.S. in the states of OR, MI, TN, and NE, places that substantially vary in their supports for transgender individuals. There was a baseline visit where we conducted hour long interviews about living in this area, recent sociopolitical events, and definitions of resilience; a variety of surveys on topics like social support, mental/physical health, and resilience; and finally a series of physiological measurements that reflect stress and health outcomes. We then started surveying participants monthly and are still in this process. At the end of the year, we'll get back together with participants to do another interview and repeat the physiological measurements. 

What's the current state of this study?

We are currently analyzing data from the baseline part of the study and data collection is ongoing. We will complete data collection around April 2021.

What are the findings from this study?

We are still in the process of analyzing data, but are looking forward to sharing findings as soon as we have them! Please check back with us

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