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Lydia Shontz (she/they) graduated with an MA in Psychology, with an emphasis in clinical skills, from Washburn University in 2023, where she received training in World Professional Association for Trans Health (WPATH) Standards of Care (SOC) services, such as Psychosocial Readiness Screenings for Gender-Affirming Medical Care (GAMC). During their studies, Lydia’s research focused on the negative impacts of emotional invalidation and cumulative minority stress, leading to the development and facilitation of multiple novel affirmative-care clinical programs at their university. Broadly, Lydia aspires to address disparities among sex and gender minority populations within their community by improving access to affordable affirmative-care services. In their free time, Lydia enjoys spending time in their neighborhood, attending local music shows, visiting the farmer’s market, or watching horror movies with their partner and cats at home.

Lydia Shontz, Graduate Student of Clinical Psychology

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