Bridging Research and Activism:

A core value of our research team is that research should help inform social change and assist with creating more positive and empowering social contexts for transgender and gender diverse people to live and thrive within. In response to this, we seek to conduct meaningful research that can contribute to social change. We live out this value through: 

1) Partnering with transgender and gender diverse individuals to ensure that we are asking questions that are substantively meaningful to their lived experiences. 

2) Disseminating research through creative means, such as infographics and via social media. 

3) Conveying research findings to individuals within positions of power, such as legislators, school boards, and university administrators. 

4) Taking research out of the ivory tower of academia. Although publishing research is important and valuable, we also believe that it is important to communicate research findings to the communities that we work with through other outlets. As such, we give community presentations of our research instead of solely publishing these in costly and often inaccessible academic journals. 

Here are some examples of ways that we have bridged research and social activism in the past: